My story

Tryggvi Jarl Sveinsson

Tryggvi Jarl Sveinsson
Photograph by MGMT Ventures

Tryggvi has been finance focused from an early age and has worked at MGMT Ventures as a CFO since early 2022.

Previously, he was the CFO of a luxury travel group, Eskimos Iceland, for five years. In the past few years, he has experienced interesting and challenging times, firstly the covid period in tourism and then the meltdown in the crypto space in 2022.

In the early stages of his career and during his university years, Tryggvi worked in the finance departments of Bakkavör Group USA and Husasmidjan.

Tryggvi was a board member of the Association of Young Investors in Iceland in 2017-18 and serving as an assistant coach at Dale Carnegie. Tryggvi holds a B.Sc. in business administration and finance from Reykjavik University.